MRFAC's purpose

The Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council (MRFAC) exists to represent recreational fishers in South Australia.

MRFAC works with the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development to:

  • meet the needs and interests of recreational fishers
  • provide feedback and advice on recreational fishing development, initiatives and policies.

Recreational Fishing Strategy for South Australia 2021-2024

The MRFAC has released the Recreational Fishing Strategy for South Australia 2021-2024, which lays the foundation for a prosperous future for the South Australian recreational fishing sector.

The strategy has looked at the key needs of the recreational fishing community and aims to deliver tangible outcomes by building capacity and capability.

The strategy focuses on 5 key pillars:

  • growth
  • delivery
  • knowledge and information
  • partnerships.


Sharon Starick

Sharon is a primary producer from the Murraylands in SA.  She has a strong interest and experience in corporate governance, policy development and collaboration within Australian agriculture. Sharon has served on a number local, regional and national Boards – from membership based organisations, not for profits, companies and Government Boards.

Sharon has been appointed as Independent Chair to the Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council (MRFAC).

Peter Teakle

Peter has been a passionate recreational river fisher for over 50 years. Residing in Renmark, Peter has contributed to the Murray-Darling Basin’s Native Fish Recovery Strategy. Peter has an ongoing commitment to organising community forums on native fish with Commonwealth and state organisations and seeks to continue contributing to River Murray fishing priorities through the MRFAC.

David Scholefield

As president of the Gulf Skindivers Spearfishing Club and the Australian Underwater Federation (SA), David has knowledge of marine environments and sustainable fishing practices and is a valuable voice for all forms of recreational fishing. David brings a unique underwater perspective to the MRFAC.

Lee Van Soest

Lee started fishing from a young age along the Port River and is passionate about getting kids involved fishing sports and teaching kids how to fish responsibly.

Lee is an active member of the fishing community as a Tuna Champions Ambassador, Sea Rescue volunteer and member of the Adelaide Game Fishing Club and Northern Districts Sportsfishing Club.

Over the past 6 years, Lee has broken records and won state and national Game Fishing Association of Australia awards.

Rob Wilson

As Adelaide’s major fishing rod and reel repairer Rob’s business caters to the public and fishing tackle stores.

Rob brings over 40 years of fishing knowledge to the MRFAC and valuable networks with recreational anglers.

Andrew Smith

Andrew has a long history of working on the water, on family crayfish boats and as a skipper, but now spends most of his time enjoying recreational fishing.

Since 2015, Andrew has served on the Rock Lobster Fishery Management Advisory Committee as the recreational fishing representative.

Andrew is dedicated to sustainable fisheries management and voicing fishing priorities for coastal and inland communities.

Alicia Bolitho

As the South Australian representative of the Australian Fishing Trade Association, Alicia joined the MRFAC to represent the retail industry.

Alicia’s interests are in communication and teamwork and hopes for all parties in the fishing industry to work together to create a thriving South Australian fishery.

Michael Wilson

Michael has been fishing from very young age, starting on the Murray River. Having been involved in the first release of Murray Cod into the Lower River Murray, Michael has dedicated his time to research into Murray Cod and Catfish, contributing to important regulations and handling advice.

On the executive committee of various recreational angling clubs, including Australian National Sportfishing Association and the Lower Murray Lure Fishing Club, Michael’s interest in the Murray River continues.

Michael hopes to make a difference for future generations to enjoy fishing along the River Murray.

PIRSA's role

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) is the government agency responsible for managing South Australia’s fish stocks on behalf of the government and community. PIRSA also manages the fishing activities of recreational fishers.

See the PIRSA website for information on: