Consultation on this survey has now closed.

South Australia’s recreational fishers are being reminded there is still an opportunity to have a say on the future growth of the sector.

With over 4000 recreational fishers already providing their input, Chair of the Minster’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council (MRFAC) Graham Keegan said the current Recreational Fishing Priorities Survey was an important step in understanding the issues of importance to the recreational

fishing community.

“The South Australian recreational fishing community is very diverse in its demographics, interests and needs,” he said. “Within it there are a number of different interest groups which results in a complex arrangement of priorities and views.

“We therefore need to capture and respect this diversity in a way that enables us to ensure all parts of the sector benefit in its future growth and this survey helps us to gain that picture and plan for the sector’s future.”

The survey covers such topics as the sustainability of fish stocks, access to fishing spots, how fishing information is obtained, and recreational fishing infrastructure.

“We are also wanting input from the recreational fishing community on how a database of recreational fishers can be developed to assist in obtaining and conveying fishing information and if implementing a recreational fishing licence or compulsory registration system are possible options to achieve this,” Mr Keegan said.

“The survey findings will not only be directly presented to the Minister to assist in future State Government policy planning for the sector but will also be available to the recreational fishing community on our website.

“It is for that reason I encourage the whole community to make the most of this opportunity to have a say into on what they believe is important to its future.”

This survey was open until 5pm, Wednesday 15 July 2020.