Fishing and wellbeing

A series of 15 second Let’s Fish SA videos have been made as part of the Let’s Fish Australia campaign led by the Australian Fishing Trade Association.

The videos highlight the wellbeing and mental health benefits gained from casting a line. The videos were made possible by funding from the Government of South Australia through the Statewide Wellbeing Strategy, which is led by Wellbeing SA.

View the Let's Fish SA videos.

Get involved

To best represent you, we want your opinion on fishing issues. Participate in the surveys listed below to have your say.

Open consultations


Closed consultations

Draft Recreational Fishing Strategy for South Australia 2021-2024
Feedback closed 30 April 2021.
Read the draft Recreational Fishing Strategy for SA survey report (PDF, 494.8 KB).

Recreational Fishing in South Australian Reservoirs
Feedback closed 15 May 2020
Read the recreational fishing in SA reservoirs survey report (PDF, 674.0 KB)

Razorfish management survey
Feedback closed 5 June 2020

Marine parks in South Australia survey
Feedback closed 25 June 2020
Read the marine parks survey report (PDF, 717.5 KB)
Read the submission to Minister Speirs about proposed changes to SA marine parks (PDF, 827.7 KB)

Recreational fishing priorities in South Australia survey
Feedback closed 15 July 2020
Read the recreational fishing priorities survey report  (PDF, 393.6 KB)

Affiliated committees and working groups

PIRSA manages and participates in fisheries advisory committees and working groups.

MRFAC either participates in or supports each group by providing advice on behalf of the recreational fishing community of South Australia.

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